• BMS Alpha Stage 1 2016 Infiniti Q50 VR30DDTT tune testing - 413 whp

      BMS seems to be tackling a ton of platforms these days. The VR30DDTT engine platform in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models is a perfect candidate for tuning. The 3.0 twin turbo direct injected V6 is available in 300 horsepower and 400 horsepower from the factory.

      This is the 300 horsepower version which obviously is underrated. BMS recorded the car at 321 rear wheel horsepower and 317 lb-ft of rear wheel torque completely stock on an E30 blend:

      That number jumps up significantly with the Stage 1 tuning box. Horsepower goes to 413 at the wheels and torque jumps to 412 lb-ft at the wheels. Why even bother paying the premium for the Red Sport models?

      It will be interesting to see if the Red Sport models sees larger peak figures with a BMS tuning box as well.

      More details from BMS:

      Quote Originally Posted by Terry@BMS
      The first product we're working on for the car is a simple Stage1 tune. The idea behind the Stage1 is an inexpensive and easy to install/remove product that provides substantial gains with minimal headaches and trade offs. The Stage1 manipulates the ECU boost control signals allowing us to modify boost levels, but does not manipulate the ECU manifold boost reference, allowing it to properly map timing and fueling for the higher boost levels. The end result is something that runs as smoothly as stock only with higher boost targets under heavy throttle.

      The Stage1 is not intended to provide the same maximum power gains you might get with a full custom ECU tune. Although based on today's dyno testing, the initial results for the Stage1 are still quite impressive. We envision a quick installation product that can be used with the factory tuning and even with aftermarket flash tuning for those looking raise boost a little in conjunction with higher octane via E85 or race gas.

      For these tests we used a 30% E85 mixture, mixing in 5 gallons of E85 to a full tank of 91. Next round we will test 93 octane. With the stock tuning we were able to make ~320whp. We then used the Stage1 tune to test progressively higher boost levels, adding 4psi, 5psi, 6psi, and ultimately 7psi over stock. To my surprise each increase in boost resulted in a fairly steady increase in power, indicating plenty of tuning room within the platform.

      Up next we'll throw together a few ALPHA Stage1 systems and recruit some testers to help us put it through it's paces.

      The Stage1 is $379 and ALPHA systems will include a free BMS DATA cable to allow firmware updates, boost adjustments, simple logging, etc.

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